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We are passionate about transforming healthcare experience by reimagining care orchestration to improve health program outcomes.

iHealWell is a national award winning Healthcare Collaboration Platform. It digitizes care workflows for better patient and beneficiary engagement.

We partner with healthcare organizations and provide them with the technology, services and insights to help them drive better clinical and financial results.


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iHealWell in Media

While a database of serious patients admitted to hospitals has been generated, the effort was also supported by Indo-Health Software Solutions Private Ltd. who developed the ‘I-HEALWELL’ application to understand trends, CFR rate and to get a clinical granular insight.

Indian Express

In an effort to reduce Pune’s COVID-19 case fatality rate and address the alleged shortage of beds, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has directed private hospitals to install an app called iHealWell Patient Care and update it regularly with data on all their critical patients.

The Hindu

iHealWell, launched by the team, is meant to share real-time updates on the treatment of critical patients only. For instance, if there are 15 ICU beds in Ruby Hospital, then the hospital staff will have to fill information only for those 15 patients.

Citizen Matters

The data helps officials understand that patient management system of critical patients. A data analysis of serious patients uploaded on the PMC’s iHealWell app from 70 hospitals in Pune, which was studied with an aim to decrease the case fatality ratio.

Times Now News

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